прибор для раздробить газ
In large diameter column, the gas cannot distribute equably without gas distributor. For the column diameter less than 2 meters, orifice pipe gas distributor is a simple and efficient gas distributor. For larger diameter column, the riser type gas distributor is more efficient.
Trough-Pan Liquid-Gas Distributor is a patented product of Tianjin University. It has very good operation performance such as low spatial occupying, plug proof and low-pressure drop. New Type Trough-Pan Liquid-Gas Distributor also has the excellences of preventing leak and easily building in. At present, Trough-Pan Liquid-Gas Distributor is one of the internal distributing set that is the most extensively used.


Φ3800 Orifice pan liquid collect and redistributor


ID3200 vapor distributor

Trough-Pan Liquid-Gas Distributor

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