аппарат для избегать туман

Demister has been widely used in columns, evaporators, liquid-vapor separators, boilers, waste gas processing and compressor outlet for eliminating oil. It gets rid of the shortcomings of the traditional mist eliminators such as narrow operating range, low gas velocity, entrainment. Its operating range is about twice of traditional mist eliminators. The demisting efficiency is up to 100% for droplets of 5um or larger. According to the process, it can be installed in the existing equipment or made a standalone demister. Preferred applications:
To reduce loss of valuable products
To increase throughout capacity
To improve product purity
To protect compressors
To deal with condensates
To reduce downsream corrosion and fouling
To prevent air or water pollution Features:
High efficiency, wide operation range, easy installing, low cost.


Φ5400 diameter


Wire gauze demister is a simple and cheap demister. It can be designed for vertical or horizontal gas flow. It's easy to install. But it's allow gas velocity is lower than ?5400 diameter and may cause more entrainment.

Wire gauze demister

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